He was bored the whole day.

Narendra ate the dreaded hospital food, yet somehow he survived.

Do you like the country?

The weather is hot.

Lawrence tasted the food Vadim had prepared.

The result of the census led the left wing to believe that their policy was wrong.

Are there any risks?

Will you give me some time?

His girlfriend cheated on him, but she denied it until he caught her.

I think he'll never return.

That's a mighty fine question.

She is sincere in her promise.

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Are your parents home?

Izzy isn't as young as Alexander.

Thad dropped the vase.

I won the gold medal.

What did you do with my glasses? They were here a minute ago.


In Mexico, most small towns have a patron saint whose feast day is celebrated with great fanfare.

She suggested that we should start earlier.

We can talk for hours and it never gets dull.

Geez! Are you deaf?

Each time an author re-writes a book, it is a new edition.


Come along, children.


Everyone looks uncomfortable.

They wrote a lot of nasty gossip about them in the newspaper.

If you feel like it, read "Ningen Shikkaku".

As far as possible one should try to become on as close terms as possible with any sort of man.

That was some party, eh?

He appreciates his parents' love.

I told you guys to go home. Why are you still here?


It appears that she was lying.

Where did you order them?

Shouldn't be much longer and the anesthesia will wear off.


Do you need a bag?


Barry took a penlight out of his pocket.

I've got some problems.

She loves to see us.


We saw her off at the airport.


The child soon fell asleep in the bed.

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I don't want him to know where I live.

Denis was scolded by his boss for showing up late for work.

It's easier to spend a lot than to save a little.

I like Herman a lot.

She committed her baby to her divorced husband.


I always read myself to sleep.

It is true that I was head over heels in love with her.

Margaret waited until 2:30.

Jeff really yelled at me.

It is up to us to be men.

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The arrow of the oldest Tsarevitch fell on a nobleman's house just in front of the women's chambers; the arrow of the second Tsarevitch flew to the red porch of a rich merchant, and on the porch there stood a sweet girl, the merchant's daughter. The youngest, the brave Tsarevitch Ivan, had the ill luck to send his arrow into the midst of a swamp, where it was caught by a croaking frog.

She gained 3 and a half stones after she got married.

Can you speak French at all?

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Could we talk about last night?

Don't waste time trying to fix it.

It may just be a matter of time.

Jeannie felt like dancing.

You're my best friend here in Boston.

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Sid never had that opportunity.

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Teri doesn't want to go to Boston with us.


She didn't read the book.

In my village there are about 8 olive presses.

They shot Marnix.

This is all new to me.

I'll be busy tomorrow.

My daughter is but a child.

Maria is an aspiring doctor of Physics; in her free time however, she works as an astrologer and card reader.

Why are you so stupid?

The boy admitted that he broke the vase.

Caribou can see ultraviolet light. This ability is crucial to their survival in a harsh Arctic environment.

Coleen has been living with us for the last three months.


Gerald was subpoenaed.

My house is fully insured.

Many firms are competing for the wealthier segment of the market.


What do you want to do now?

He rested for a while.

You should talk to the teacher yourself.

Maybe I don't need him.

The farm abuts on the road.

We've got more money than we know what to do with.

Only a few of my friends can speak French.

We swam in the moonlight.

He refused to pay.

He went to the airport to see her off.

I told Stephanie I was getting married.


Don't ever do that.


Smoke was choking her.

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If God did not intend for us to eat animals, then why did he make them out of meat?

Is honey more viscous than skin lotion?

The lemonade is cold.

Don't be so choosy.

I'll try to be nicer to Henry from now on.


Now we're screwed!


The wayward son has returned.

Japan feels it got shafted in the negotiations.

Each business is different.

Tran has found something interesting.

Where does this trail go to?

Lemon is a sour fruit.

Tell him we don't want to go.

This should be great.

Srivatsan and Vidhyanath are still in love.

She can speak Chinese, but she can't speak Mandarin.

We're not wealthy.

The center fielder shifted his position for the slugger.

Lin, come here and sit with me.

I found the new magazine very interesting.

I tested one.

Did you advise the suspect of his rights?

I'll be waiting outside.

Leslie is a member of the neighbourhood watch.

This is one of the best books I've ever read.

The scandal hurt the company's reputation.

I still can't remember where I put my keys.

Dust covers the desk.

Tal was killed in an accident three years ago.

There's just something about her.

It'll be great.

My wife doesn't like it when I talk to her about politics.

Corey stayed strong.

Anatole's house burned down.

Are you telling me you are not my father?


Dan said Linda was driving the car.

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I hear that his father is in the hospital now.

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It seems like years since Sunday morning.

Do you require our help?

Don't miss this incredible opportunity.

Can you give me your full name, please?

You're a very attractive woman.

I have been learning to drive.

I don't like spiders.

Kee put a stack of letters on Hwa's desk.

She wants to be a celebrity.

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Saiid says that he detests war.

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The headmaster will present the winners their prize.

Spudboy is a potter.

This is the boy whom I saw yesterday.


We have to come to some agreement.

I'm in no hurry.

He sent about 2.2 billion spam emails over a period of around one and a half years.

It's rainy again.

I scraped my knee.


Now give me that.

What is learned in the cradle is carried to the tomb.

There was a knock at the door.

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Let's row the boat in turn.

A room with a skylight would be fine.

We're going to have to paint our barn soon.

Our band needs a keyboardist.

I might be ready to go soon.

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All animals should go naked.

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Roberto offered Dirk a gift.

Jussi asked me if he could see my driver's license.

Woody pointed toward the ceiling.

We had a little water.

Don't talk in the reading room.

We weren't given a fair chance.

Byron is not happy you're late again.


Lorraine undid her hair and opened one of the buttons of her blouse.

Here we are, we're arrived.

I don't expect any special treatment.

Everywhere I look, it's just a bunch of dead ends.

Rafael didn't feel any pain.

Do you think Eugene is uninteresting?

Morton is about thirty years old.

The young girls twined wreaths of flowers.

I would lay down my life for you.