Even if she got to be 50 years old, she would still be breathtakingly beautiful.

Skef didn't learn anything in school.

I haven't heard from him for ages.

Guy tossed the keys to Shari.

Mongo prefers studying at night.


How did your sister die?

I love him, but he lives in another country.

Knut wondered if George would think that eight in the morning was too early for him to open a bottle of wine.

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Everyone admires the pictures painted by him.


The best way to learn a foreign language is to go live in a country where it's spoken.

Don't forget that we have homework.

We understand how difficult this must be for you.


By reading books we can walk with the great and the good from every place and every era.

This fear is understandable.

The islanders are asking us for help.

You're the woman of my dreams.

Are you going to get a job this semester?

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You should be brief.

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We respect them.

She showed great interest in the photos.

I don't like the way you're talking to me.

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Roxie finished.

Hi. How are you?

I bought several cassettes of the popular singers.

What ship were you on?

My father hates the summer heat.


I can't seem to get my breath.

Since I don't know what questions I'll be asked, I'll have to wing it at my presentation.

Differential equations are equations involving derivatives.

Check your hat.

Sarah seems perplexed.

I'm really happy because I won 10,000 yen at the horse races.

We spoke yesterday.

Philippe is ready to start.

The lighting was set up to have the intensity controlled by one knob so you could produce the brightness as you want.

I don't know when the machine should be turned off.

Rhonda found out about Matthieu's secret relationship.

Your watch is on the desk.

It is a notorious fact that the Monarchs of Europe and the Pope of Rome are at this very moment plotting our destruction.

I don't know when Nanda will be back.

It is a great mortification to the vanity of man, that his utmost art and industry can never equal the meanest of nature's productions, either for beauty or value.

The President has directed his Administration to work to cut carbon pollution through clean energy and energy efficiency.

Loyd is a memory.

The buds become beautiful red roses.

I had to remove the panel in order to access the computer.

Jon hired a private investigator to dig up dirt on his wife and her lover.

Don't punish him for breaking the window. He is not to blame.


My dream is to make it as an actor in Hollywood.


I need to speak with her alone.


It looks like rain. You had better take in the washing.

Should I register for that class?

How much is Zambian Kwacha in US dollars?

Iaido, it is a form of swordsmanship that strikes down an attacking opponent with one blow of the sword quickly drawn out of its sheath, whether one is sitting or walking.

A house is not a home.

Saul's passport has been stolen.

Did you know that this is a question?

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If you want to know who your friends are, get yourself a jail sentence.

Make the most of it.

Dad bought a book for me.

You have to accustom yourself to the crowded trains in Tokyo.

This river sometimes overflows after the thaw.

Kirsten will probably be late.

Do you know a doctor who makes house calls?

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Sho could've talked to me first.


There's no escape.

I've never liked this.

It wouldn't matter to me.


The bomb missed its target.

Oh! what wonders and splendours unfolded themselves before Elsa's astonished eyes! She thought she really must be in Heaven.

They trust me.

Place the words in the appropriate order to make sentences.

I expect to see Ralph again next month.

The players scrambled for the ball.

I had him take my picture.

Most students are doing preparation for the term examination.

I am a college student.

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The capital of Brazil is Brasilia.


Everything was only a joke.

Shall we play cowboy and Indians? I declare myself a sheriff, and you all must obey me.

I can't even afford to buy a used car.

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What was your score?


They're eating high on the hog.

The space bar is an alphanumerical keyboard's key.

pumpkins stored away after harvest for a little become good and ripe to eat.

I couldn't live with myself if I didn't do something about that.

Two of them were drowned.

Cows are eating grass in the meadow.

She has him at her beck and call.

I didn't see anyone studying.

This I have done.

Are you from America?

His parents acted to calm him down.


I'd rather stay at home than go fishing.

I'm not saying this just because I'm your sister.

The ship was wrecked on a sunken reef.

I have a little problem here at work.

Can I tell you what bugs me?

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How often do you wax your skis?

Don't make me do that.

I can't tell you how long I've waited for this.


Let's make believe that we know nothing about that event.

Everything I once loved has been destroyed.

Be silent, or speak something worth hearing.

It's very simple to understand.

He made six mistakes in as many lines.


Some people will believe anything.

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That's what we have to discuss.

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He killed the mood last time with his jokes.


She told him she was interested.

Gideon never gave in to temptation.

I slept on a park bench.

Why didn't you slow down?

Who won?

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Lui has lived in Boston since last summer.


Kit banged his knee.

She will be shocked when she get to know the results.

I'll give you back the money tomorrow.

What did Father say about it?

All the desk drawers were empty.

Do you realize the danger you're in?

I have just eaten lunch.


The accident was due to the smog.

I don't know what I expected.

Even though Sid doesn't drink beer, he does drinks wine.

Colin has a sore back.

You must see your dentist.


I have to take her home now.


I see nothing wrong with it.

He's been blacklisted.

He glanced from one to the other, hoping for an answer.


Mayo coughed into his handkerchief.

You must be thirsty.

It's all the rage.


His room was brightly lit.

I came to regret my mistake.

I took the bus in order to reach the destination before it got dark.

This is only a prototype.

Harry and Dori are both from Australia.


What do you really know about Luis?


You can't hope to catch up with him.

When do you want it?

I need information about them.


I want to be home early.


I knew her a long time.

Has Sherman cleaned the room yet?

Police can't be trigger happy.

Seymour could say nothing.

We are all stupid, but in different fields.

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Vishal never told me why he wasn't here the day before yesterday.

She cottoned to him soon.

Then you just have to fill out this card.

I'm always sneezing.

We got ready.

Don't blame the wrong person.

Hunter planned to talk to Simon the first chance he got.

Marci knew who Wade's father was.

He was too old to work any more.

Let's go wake her up.

I don't like when mothers yell at children.

How did you get that idea?

I wish I hadn't believed him.