We spent the major part of our holidays in the country.

How many miles is it to the next gas station?

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How do you expect me to know that? I'm not a psychic.


She helps him.


Helen is seventeen years old.

I got sleepy.

She is a lady of business acumen.

I'm not real proud of that.

You should wear a hat that covers your ears when it's cold outside.

The boy has complained of headache for three days.

You said you never saw them.

He gave up going abroad.

I was too embarrassed to look her in the eye.


Kevin was the one who started the fight.

Tai wasn't a bit hungry.

I haven't seen any of his pictures.

Martin was shot by a firing squad.

If you can't visit a country where they speak the language you are learning, find a local bar where native speakers of that language hang out and start hanging out there.

I do not want to talk about it anymore.

The experience prejudiced her in favor of the Democratic Party.

What a blessing!

How come you didn't come?

Her death brought deep sorrow to the nation.

I don't like all of them.

Rudy couldn't do what Kris asked him to do.

This raises a most interesting question: how long does it take to starve to death?

I hope that everything is okay.

Howard is very diplomatic, isn't he?

You look contented.

Are you going to vote for him?

Can you help me? I can't make out how to start this machine.

"Six pence per second," Bob reminds her.


She made five mistakes in as many lines.

He started the day with a good breakfast.

They won't find Anthony.

We don't want anyone to find us here.

Let's get our bearings before we go any further.

Most probably, she'll come.

I changed my position on that.

The girl lent her friend her new typewriter.

Are you mad that you should stay up all night playing cards?

We live in the atomic age.

It seems I'll be staying up all night tonight.

Only thirty people showed up for Margot's recital.

His girlfriend is Romanian.

At the sight of the dog, the cat ran off.

Can we just get on with this?

What does Rodent eat for lunch?

It won't seem so long.

It's not something I want to discuss.

We were surprised at the ease with which he solved the problem.


She is playing with a doll.

I'm suffering from pecuniary embarrassment.

He then bound his son, and took up his sword, in order to sacrifice him in the ancient manner.

You're going to have to live with what you did.

I can't pay Monica today.


Ramon was very pleased.


I hated Miriamne for that.

I deserve this.

I love her.

Sunspots are regions of the Sun where the solar magnetic field is very strong.

All the sheep were huddled together in the shade of the only tree in the paddock.


I'm just helping out.

I promise I will protect you.

On July 20 1961, Armstrong and Aldrin landed the Lunar Module Eagle on the Moon's Sea of Tranquility at 4:18 P.M.


My father never gave me much advice.


She has red flowers.

Are you going to tell me what's going on?

I pretended not to hear.

Mara seems to be unwilling to spend the time it takes to do a job well.

I am tired of listening to his long speech.

They've taken Jesse.

What I need is more time.

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The King rejoiced when he heard that she was innocent, and they all lived in great unity until their death.


Where can we go on that tour?


He crossed over to England.

Where were you? I lost you.

Who spilled the milk on the floor?

You're not welcome here anymore.

Michiel tried to persuade Jonathan to do something she knew she shouldn't do.

Marcia didn't pay the tab.

The lumber is still green.

Jones drinks too much.

He has broken the record.

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Heidi was sitting in a comfortable armchair, reading the evening newspaper.


Just wait a second.


I'd rather not tell you where I live.

It wasn't my intention to hurt you.

Upon arriving home, he immediately set about preparing a meal.


Where's the information desk?

I'd like something to write on.

Is that all you want to say?

I live in Turkey.

I'll lose weight.

You're a smart kid, aren't you?

The student who is talking with John is from Canada.

If it were OK for me to only work on weekends, would I do it? Of course, I would.

You are not supposed to smoke at school.

It was also a wet dream.

Do what you can for him.


Instructions: massage well into damp hair, lather and rinse.

We're starting our descent into the chasm.

I want my food dead. Not sick, not dying, dead.

Let him rest.

Who else knew about it?

It is fun to swim in the sea.

I never see you without thinking of my younger brother.


What goes well with potatoes?

Stanly climbed up so high that we couldn't see him.

I wanted everyone to get along with each other.

Good shot, kid. You got him.

I need some private plumbing advice.

He arrived just this morning.

My brother got cheeky.

Are you kidding me?

I'm really disappointed.

She did a great deal of work.

Tuna may be the boss someday.

I want to have sex with him.

Brazil lost a major politician.

You forgot to tell me a few things.

Hui appears to have given up.


The moon rises in the east.


I told him to come.

We love our country.

I don't expect that Kerri will swim.

I couldn't be any more tired.

What a lovely day it is today!

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I'm not interested in doing that.


Try to get it right this time.


This is our decision.

Gray goes well with red.

You don't want to switch places with me?

She has watered the plants.

I thought that Lenora was single.

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Oliver demoted you.

Syun seemed to be worried about me.

He succeeded in business.

Noemi has been married three times.

Who sent me a wire?

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We're done talking about him.

There was no internet back then.

I'm tired. I just want to go on the teacup ride and take it easy.

It wasn't a pleasant experience.

I was at home the whole time.

Idleness is only the refuge of weak minds.

Can I borrow your car?

I am glad we've had somewhat of a productive session today.

And, to make the matter worse, he has taken to drinking.

The city supplied food for the children.

They passed the hat round to raise funds for the new sports centre.

That was an angry bunny.

I need some time alone.


Have a proper funeral for the body so that the soul can reach to heaven.

With being in the trade, I am able to get goods at a discount.

The geologist climbed into the limo.

This car is prettier than yours.

Clayton really likes Gunter a lot.

The only language Rajendra can speak is French.

Please bring it back tomorrow.

He disappeared in the crowd.

Anyone can do their bit to protect the environment.


How about playing tennis next Saturday?

He can't come with us.

We were able to do that.

It is not going to rain this evening.

It was cold, and in addition, it was windy.


I'll take him along with us.

He is off today.

I was getting ready to go out. At that time, the telephone rang.