How long is the meeting going to last?

That gun is probably not loaded.

I don't have time to take a break.

Don't give up hope, Tuna.


What do I have to lose?


He told me just the opposite!

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Olivier is very generous, isn't he?

So long, see you later.

I dunno if it's a bug or what, but this software doesn't work right.

Dr. Mae Jemison became the first African-American woman to enter space.

Steve found the evidence we needed to convict Pete's killer.


Sometimes, everyone is simple minded.

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Ramsey hardly ever goes to bed before midnight.

He may well get scolded for doing that.

My college has a dormitory.

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I know as much as I need to.

Do you really think you can win?

I don't think it's fair.

Mitchell is the only one with a knife.

Are you a good fuck at the tennis club?

You shall want for nothing as long as I live.

I attached my CV and my PhD proposals.

Why don't you two help me clean up?

Water power turns the wheel.

She usually sleeps for eight hours.

We'll get in touch with them.

There is nothing the matter with the motor.

It's just been a difficult few days for Jagath.


Show me your tattoo.

Don't make a habit out of it.

He received a large sum of money in compensation for his injury.

The company offered me a generous package.

Wine is bottled poetry.

You just saved me a lot of time.

Beth was looking forward to meeting him, but he never showed up.


Gregg looks like he's about to puke.

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I have my own assistant.

I'm not through with him.

Is this a through street?

Some people can't do this.

He still owes me the answer.


You should relax a bit.

I don't think I can do this alone.

Suu often wears her hair in pigtails.

The prices in this pastry shop are very high.

Hwa put some mashed potatoes on his plate.

You've both been very impressive today. I'm proud of you.

Keep a box of baking soda in the fridge to keep it smelling clean.

Clarissa forgot all about me.

He was hospitalized for over a month before dying.

I can't get used to it.

Tanaka has been arrested on suspicion of murder.


You could've run.

I'm not always at home on Sundays.

June picked up a pizza on his way home.

I don't know how easy it'll be to change.

Do not make any modifications before you get confirmations.

I would like to retract my previous statement.

She gave up her seat for the old person.

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Charley is the most diligent student in his class.


They're not telling me the whole truth.


Everyone's happy again.

I like cats best of all animals.

I know you are hiding yourself behind the curtain.

Everything Murray does is controversial.

Are you learning Chinese?

This is suspicious.

I'm not sure it's the right decision.

I have nothing special to say.

If the weather is good, I'll leave tomorrow.


I'd like to give this to Justin in person.

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I finished the job yesterday.

Paper was invented by the Chinese.

Australia is smaller in size than South America.

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And you think I'm going to pay for it? Catch me!

She picked the most expensive dress.

You're grounded, missy!

How often do you shower?

Lenny wasn't able to pass the exam.


Come on, get a move on!


Maybe Claude knows what I did wrong.

I knew that he was trying to use that money to become governor.

We're lucky Cole is here to help us do this.

Dan went outside to see what Linda was doing.

Is that even a word?

How do you think that Britons should vote in the upcoming referendum? What do you think the results will be like?

I was stupid to trust you.


Why don't you get some sleep?

Seenu didn't know how to answer Rupert's question.

The bank accommodated him with a loan of 10,000 yen.

Why is my buddy an idiot?

He could find her house easily.


It doesn't look like much.

I am not a fan of liberalism.

You're really pretty.


I knew nothing about it.

Don't you think I know?

Your being obliged to wear pants doesn't logically follow from the state of your being a man.


They're not very friendly at this restaurant.

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I don't want to be late for the show.

Remember to admire her new dress.

Give me a hand here, will you, Rahul?


I lost my job on Monday.

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Take a seat. You look tired.

Jimmy was wearing a swimsuit.

But for his steady support, my venture would have resulted in a failure.

When the battle ended, not a Texan was left alive.

Is it obligatory to rent a car?

How much time does she need to translate this book?

He is not interested in art at all.

I like the color of this car.

My best friend really understands me.

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I've been charged with a murder.

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There are good grounds for believing what he says.

I'll be out in a moment.

Thuan heard someone calling him.

My impression of this government is that they need a more forceful economic policy, otherwise they'll encounter large problems in the future.

Auto-destruct sequence initiated.


It only takes thirty minutes by car.

Japan is a rich country.

Uncut footage of the governor's affair has surfaced on the Internet.

I'm pretty sure Kirsten will be hungry.

We can't make people donate to charity.


Let's start with the easiest question.

I'm no longer homeless.

Dream on!

His action is against the law.

My heart bleeds for you.

I'll deal with him later.

Shannon hardly ever goes out late at night.


The children are playing with legos.

I hope to meet you all again.

I'm used to being ignored.

She is convinced of my innocence.

It won't work out.

They don't like Uri.

Daniel doesn't live with his parents.

The sun shines full of fire, but I only see your eyes.

I like to watch a baseball game.

Newton's Second Law says: "Force is equal to the change in momentum per change in time. For a constant mass, force equals mass times acceleration".

While I was waiting for the bus, I saw a traffic accident.

Father objected to my going to the mountain alone.

Keep your hand still.

Loren was out.

This won't hurt at all.


She was nearly without any money.


You both chop wood every day, don't you?

Novo attracted a crowd of children as soon as he started playing his bongos.

I haven't gotten your e-mail yet. Maybe you typed in the wrong address?


Why hasn't Amedeo already done that?

Bernard might not be here today.

Where were you when you realized that you didn't have your umbrella?


Sergiu and Bryan are very much in love.


I hope this has been helpful.

Very strange.

I can't face this life alone.

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Murat likes his job a lot.

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Billy's computer is new.

Learning calculus requires a lot of practice.

Love and cough cannot be hidden.


I need to borrow some money.