The country is on the way to becoming a democratic nation.

I just fixed the car yesterday!


Many are convinced that he is resistant to advice.

Don't tell him that, please!

Ask my friends.

We just won a 20 LB. turkey

The guests are sleeping in this room.

Everyone speaks a language.

This toy car runs on batteries.


I want to sleep now.

Can Marika read and write Japanese?

My leg's gone to sleep, so I don't think I can stand up right away.


Is there anything I must do?


She drives an imported car.

She had some.

Will you show me the way to the museum?


Could you get rid of all this junk?

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Geoff said he should go.

Can I count on her?

We had a slight delay.

I have at least five friends who can speak English.

Steal the money.

Tandy's eyes had been refreshed by the sight of Miss Lea Bright.

Nobody visited my country.

She knows what she's talking about.

He has very bad luck.

I want a fan.

Every dog is a lion at home.

He ought to have arrived here.

I tell you what you want to know.

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Where can I get on the airplane?

We had never met each other.

Nothing's keeping me here anymore.


I can't remember the last time I did this.

There's a tornado coming!

Stop repeating everything I say.


God save the Queen!

I knew I should've taken that.

Isn't it about time to go home?

I must thank him.

What did you just say?


Why do you sound so surprised?

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Stu can't stay for long.

This sentence isn't very interesting out of context.

They adopted the little girl.

Eskimos have ninety different words for snow.

Please tell Rodger I'm sorry.

It's not shameful to be silent when you have nothing to say.

It is fair to say that both balls are of equal weight.

I didn't want to waste so much time.

Ahmed has been awfully distant lately.

I live in Warsaw.

A thorough investigation is now in progress.

All you have to do is to obey my orders.

She is always clothed in silk.


I'm afraid I don't have one.


Rural life appeals to me very much.

Fishing is prohibited in the lake.

What is the biggest city in Georgia ?


It looks like Bart is going to cry.

Anatoly locked the apartment.

Tracy buys us vegetables.

Kylo and Junior's father are not big fans of Fetty Wap's music, even claiming that he's "ruined rap forever", meanwhile; Junior absolutely loves his music.

Ilya doesn't often eat at home.

I am just going for a walk.

We need to be more aggressive.

The enemy were driven out of the land.

You're new around here, aren't you?


She will start for Kyoto the day after tomorrow.

Australian saltwater crocodiles can grow up to 23 feet long and frequently kill people.

I'm sure your intentions were good.


I need some sugar.

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He's Tony.


Grammar is very difficult.

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The two spotted ladybird is very rare.

They consider him intelligent.

I baked some cookies for Hillary.

I hear they pay pretty well.

Are you a student or are you working?

He will wait for it.

I wish you could stay the night.


Were they wearing seatbelts?

What to do next is the question.

Take him home.

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I put a memo on my calendar

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John is seeing to the arrangements for the meeting.

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Don't look so depressed.

I apologize to those of you who were possibly offended; it was never my intention.

Soon I found myself wanting to meet him and talk to him.

We're popular.

I'm warning you for the last time.

Please give an example of usage.

Neville worked until 2:30.

Don't look directly at him.

I don't trust talkative people.

We're going to help her.

The clouds hid the sun.

Let's have our composition corrected by the teacher.

He made me so angry that I got a headache.


She's wearing sunglasses.

In 1864, Lincoln decided to run for re-election.

Sugih almost told Rainer that he loved her.

He was sitting drinking wine.

There seems to be some dark meaning in his words.

Kathy kept hitting me.

Amber preserves insects that get trapped in it.

Is there a shop at this zoo?

Life is a journey home.


No matter how you do it, the results will be the same.


I got the impression you didn't like me.

Would you please sign our petition?

It's almost time for me to go.


They are a peace-loving people.


Eva is cleverer than I am.

He said that that girl had kissed him.

There are a lot of fish in that lake.


The weather is almost always hot.

On a day like this, I don't feel like going outside.

Some people are really intelligent.

The cat likes to play in the garden.

They'll get one soon enough.

He enjoys wine sometimes, but mostly he drinks whisky.

I'm afraid to touch anything.

Mother went shopping with my brother.

Prices have been climbing steadily.

Without telephones, it would be inconvenient.

I think I'm ready.

You don't know what Anderson did.

Myrick says that he's a creature of habit.

I can't walk anymore, Dad! Carry me, please!

No one can match him at tennis.

The beach is the ideal place to play for the children.

Who's your favorite person to cook for?

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I'd like to meet some of your friends.

You're the first.

Natraj lives with his parents in Boston.

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If you swallow a dangerous substance, it depends on the substance which measures need to be taken.

Don't talk in the reading room.

Those tears are artificial.

He asked the lady standing next to him some questions.

Were you to know the fact you would be surprised.

He is very bright, and his brother is as bright.

You'll get there in time, so long as you don't miss the train.


We could all go together.

Orville readily admits his mistakes.

Pitawas found the experience enjoyable.

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I wonder what has become of the friend I used to go fishing with.

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This watch is not mine but yours.

I'd like to know the exact exchange rate for yen.

It's possible to sneeze with your eyes open.


You like peanut butter, don't you?


Don't overexert yourself.


Her boyfriend is older than her.

The worst thing imaginable just happened.

I was at a loss as to what to do.


I had trouble making him hear me calling for help.

Sometimes it's better to concentrate on a modest objective in order to achieve a more ambitious one.

I studied English when I was there.


I've never been violent toward anyone.

Rodent solved every problem.

I'm looking for a part-time job.