Ronald is lying to her father.

I baked some cookies for him.


Do I look tired?


Some newer cars can be a pain to work on.


As far as I know, he used to be a good student.


Shutoku can be there in thirty minutes.


I missed my family, so I went back.

Gale needs to loosen up a little.

I live just over there.

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Have you been told where the meeting will be?


Were you promoted?

Lewis really likes basketball.

The war is over.


Let's join the celebration.

Something's wrong with that.

I need an apple.

Andreas's not at all happy with the situation, but is prepared to accept it.

I wish I had paid my bills on time.

The journalist was kidnapped by terrorists.

I don't know what to do. I'm just following her.

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Do you have a map of the city of Kyoto?

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Can this be it?

I was hoping you could do it.

He plays the violin very well.

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Sanjeev pushed Kieran away.

A squirrel transmitted rabies to my daughter.

What activity do you spend most of your time doing?

This is most of it.

Even if he is busy, he will come.

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He was in a twitter.

This isn't a joke.

Who did you go there with?


Don't try to imitate me.

Rising costs are fueling anxieties among consumers.

Nick doesn't seem to want our help.


I stood at the end of the line.

Do you remember what time you woke up this morning?

Pilar is one of the smartest men I know.


This is my problem.


Come closer.

Phil's tears vanished immediately.

Is that my coffee?

I only know some words and phrases.

He is lying on the grass.

After an uphill struggle against great odds they finally got the company on its feet again.

I made a decision.

Have they arrived yet?

I wish you'd consider coming back to Boston.

The dog ate the fish, bones, tail and all.

None of Jill's relatives came to his funeral.

They found Lyndon guilty, right?

That's not soon enough.

It wasn't a job interview.

I didn't immediately understand it.

Kari is almost always at home on Sundays.

This path will lead you to the shrine.

I don't know when the meeting started, but it started at least thirty minutes ago.

Poets write poems.

I wish I'd done the right thing.

I remember meeting that man before.


You're not in your right mind.

He lived to be ninety.

Someone tapped me on the shoulder.


Can you guys keep a secret?


Do you ever see yourself as part of a bigger picture?

You should never make big life decisions when you're emotional.

A green banana isn't ripe enough to eat.

Dan committed the ultimate violation.

Why is that good?

I helped Vinod give his dog a bath.

He likes all animals except horses.

I ate a panipuri.

Vijay walked away in disgust.

Responsibility is a detachable burden that can easily be shifted to the shoulders of God, Fate, Fortune, Luck or one's neighbor. In the days of astrology it was customary to unload it upon a star.

Empty the water out of the bucket.

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Jinchao can't live without a TV.


I met her during my stay in Mexico.

He fills the bill.

Have they given you a nickname yet?

Wilmer is going to be just fine.

This is immoral.

You're one sharp cookie.

When the police stopped him for questioning, Micheal tried to make a run for it.


Vladimir enlisted.

He's my best friend and we do everything together.

I need to get something out of the car.


Listen, my son!

Can somebody get me a towel?

Let's try to write sentences of style and good quality.

I couldn't have done this without you.

I don't have to explain myself to you!

Thuan understands.

Randolph couldn't rule out the possibility that someone had lit his house on fire.

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Do you have cough drops?


My mother took my temperature.

I've been trying to cut down on caffeine.

This is how you repay me for my kindness?

You and I come from different worlds.

A happy life primarily consists of freedom from worry.


Cold calls are the primary function of the telemarketing department.

Can you explain your answer?

It will be four years before the definite result of beef liberalization emerges.

Are you going to hide?

The event takes place rain or shine.

You've done well here.

I don't know whom you want to see.

I can read and write English without any problems.

Why don't you go find her?


We can do nothing for you.

A few days' rest will do you good.

We're not happy.

May I tell you a little secret?

Why should I stop him?


Marsh didn't think he'd ever get used to living in Boston.


The band sounds different this time.


I'm working on a big project.

Are you chicken, Tracy?

How long did you stay in Germany?

Hey Pandark, how did you became so famous that Pharamp started writing sentences about you?

I have no wish to live in a large city.

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Stephan doesn't know whether Erwin is busy or not.


I think maybe Devon and Sri should go.

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Quite a few people came to the party.

Chuck's new house is really nice.

I've got a wedding to go to.

Death cannot stop true love, all it can do is delay it for a while.

He came into the room with his eyes shining.

I have urgent matters to attend to.

I do not think we can prolong this debate.

We're changing it.

This is a new experience for Francis.


Stanislaw was sort of bashful as a kid.


It is an ethnically diverse school.

The intern died after working for 72 hours without sleep.

You're expected to be here until 2:30.

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Henry almost died.


I just thought it might buy me some time.

Julie is busy making breakfast for the family.

We saw nothing.

We need some tools.

I really am getting married.

What's happened?

I like to play with words.


My country is situated in North Africa, south of the Mediterranean Sea.

Kenji abandoned his hope of becoming a doctor.

I know this is stupid.

She has her heart in music.

The lessons are getting more and more difficult.


They're not ruining their clothing.


He finally succeeded in getting a job.

She spoke with me in English in order to show off.

Perhaps it is only in childhood that books have any deep influence on our lives.

I cannot believe you used to be blonde and tanned.

This is all unnecessary.

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I'll handle all the arrangements.

Guido is a goner.

We'll need to ask Cathryn for help.

Reid grabbed the rope with one hand.

Could you please wait just a moment for us? Then we'll go with you.